Fairfax, VA
Jackpot!!!!! I'm very happy!! This place got a whole new look inside and the food is very delicious flavorful and clean. They have all my favorites... pho, bun bo hue and banh mi!!! Pho soup is clean, it has good balance of spices. Good portion of noodles and meats. But if you order small, remember it is small (just the right portion for me though). Bun Bo Hué is very flavorful, slightly spicy slightly thick soup with thick round chewy noodles and different meats. Banh mi, this time we got 3 grilled chicken and 3 grilled pork. Bread is pretty big and maybe needs little more veggies, the meats nicely marinated and grilled, so overall banh mi is good. Tasty tasty!! Also, friendly service!! And close from home!! I am so excited to eat good Vietnamese food again without having to drive far. ((Before when it was pho Vietnam and then May Saigon, food was decent but flavor of pho soups started tasting inconsistent)).
I really really hope PhoRever will do well and stay forever!! and I hope they stay good quality food as well! For now my husband and I really like it here!
Mike R.
Sterling, VA
okay, this place totally redeems itself. I kept seeing all the good reviews pouring in so I had to come back in to see if my first visit was just a fluke.

So, I went back and had their pho -- steak with tendon, #65 I believe (or maybe it was 56)... in any case, it was da-bomb-dot-com good. Best bowl of pho in recent memory.

The noodles were your typical vermicelli noodles which I was excited about. No offense, but I was not a fan of the bun bo hue noodles last time i came here. So I was happy to see your typical rice noodles in the pho. The broth was outstanding by itself.. I didn't want to add anything for fear of messing it up... it was I think the best broth I've had out the gate. The noodles and beef were cooked just right and there was a fair amount of everything. I finished my broth and noodles/beef at the same time, so perfect portioning for me. The price of their small bowl is competitive at $6.99... I like that. Completely different waitstaff this time around, and they seemed to be more professional than the first time I went when they first opened up. Looks like they've worked the kinks out.

My only complaint, which is minor, is that they had advertisements all over the place for their bahn mi sandwiches. $3.75/ea, buy 5 get 1 free. I might not have looked hard enough, but I didn't see them on the menu, just the advertisements all over (the front door/the napkin holders/etc). Well, I overheard the waiter talking to another table and rattling off the different types -- combination, pork, chicken. Grilled pork sounded good, so I signaled over a waiter and asked if I could get a pork sandwich to go... When the bill came, I noticed it was $4.50, not $3.75... I asked the waitress about it, and she said the combination sandwich was $3.75, the chicken and pork were $4.50. No big deal... $.75 aint going to break the bank; but you've been warned.

As for the quality of the sandwich.... The bread was extremely good, really good. Flaky crispy crust, with soft interior; everything I've ever wanted in a sandwich roll. However, the filling was just okay, not quite as good as I was expecting. Not a lot of pork, so therefore not a lot of pork flavor. That being said, I am happy and appreciate that this place has sandwiches because they are hard to come by around town. Don't get me wrong, it was a good sandwich... It just didn't wow me -- more pork would have helped. I will try one of their other ones next time to see how it compares.

In closing, the cashier lady was very friendly and asked if I was local and gave me a takeout menu to take with me and welcomed me back. Very friendly staff all around.

I suggest you come on down to Phorever and have yourself a bowl of super delish brothy goodness.

I ate the other half on my bahn mi sandwich after having it in the fridge for a few hours.... I think it actually tasted better cold. It gave it more of a refreshing taste I was looking for. MMmm.
Ingrid K.
Aldie, VA
Ordered the Pho Tai and Vietnamese iced coffee. Both were excellent. The Pho was generous and very flavorful. The decor was very clean and inviting. I love the beautiful wood carved menus. I'm bringing my whole family back. I have found my new favorite Pho joint.
A P.
San Jose, CA
Not a bad pho place in this area. They have a pretty extensive menu with items a bit hard to find in this part of town. The service is nice and the place is clean :)
Lina T.
Sterling, VA
I'm a fan! There's not too many good pho places in the area but this is definitely good. The decor inside is nice, it's clean, and a million times better than when it used to be May Saigon. Service is quick, there's a lot of variety in the menu, and the pho is delicious. I know they serve banh mi here but it's not anywhere on the menu which I think is weird. There's no sign in the restaurant that indicated they sell these. This definitely needs to be advertised because banh mi is a popular Vietnamese sandwich and how can they sell it if people don't know about it unless they hear it from others? This place is close to home so it's convenient for me. I'll be back!
Chris B.
Sterling, VA
A recent pho fan, i was excited to try this restaurant as it is right near my house. My wife and I stopped in for lunch on a Sunday and it was very quiet. We asked for football on the big screen and our waiter gave me the remote and said put on whatever you need.
The meal was absolutely delicious and fast. Spring roll app was on point. Friendly-clean-priced right. I will be going back a lot.
Cat W.
Ashburn, VA
This is my favorite pho spot in NOVA. Their chicken pho is soo good! And dont forget their bun bo hue is so on point :) Oh i cant forget to mention the sate sauce, its like crack! Sooo good!!! Have been going here every week and will continue to go here for my vietnamese food cravings!
James N.
Potomac Falls, VA
I just moved to Potomac Falls/Sterling, and naturally I looked up local restaurants on yelp.

My wife and I love Pho, and with me being Vietnamese, it wasn't long before we sought out a local Pho joint.

It is in a strip-mall which made it harder to find, but that's nothing out of the ordinary.

When we stepped inside, the female owner immediately greeted us and was very friendly. She asked how we came about the restaurant (because they recently opened).

She was happy to hear the word spread and made sure to check up on us during our meal. I spoke what broken-Vietnamese that I know lol.. but manage to get through small-talk convos.

We came for lunch and the owner told us it's $1 off of their egg rolls, which in the Pho-world, is unheard of. But I'm not complaining!

I ordered my typical Pho Tai Gau, with my meat raw on the side so I can cook it how I like, and nuoc beo w/ onions (the fat that floats to the top of the broth when they make it. Putting some of it back in makes it much more flavourful - true Vietnamese style). The broth was delicious. But I'm pretty easy when it comes to Pho.

My wife ordered Bun Bo Hue (beef stew), and the lady-owner explained how she makes it from scratch every day, and told us her process.

My soft spot for business owners is when they are on the front-lines, and seeing them actually make effort for their to business grow.

Overall, I wouldn't say this is the ONLY Pho spot I'll be going to in the area, but it's def at the top of my list.
Noelia L.
Sterling, VA
Great food the best part is, it's all fresh. The mango smoothie is sooooo good. I will definitely be going back for their food. The service is great too the people are very friendly.
Sterling, VA
I've ordered something different each time I've come to Phoever. I'm so happy that I can get great Vietnamese food right here in Sterling! Especially the Vietnamese sandwiches, but I also like the Pho and the traditional dishes I've tried are outstanding. I'm very pleased with the service and the owners are super nice! Thanks again Mimi! :-) JJ and Claudia.
Paulo M.
Arlington, VA
Wanted to check out this new place. And it was excellent! The pho was superb - a tasty broth with plenty of noodles. You could taste the care that went into the preparation.

The spring rolls and summer rolls were equally tasty.

Moreover, the service was friendly and attentive, the decor was far superior to other pho places I've visited, and they accept all forms of payment.

Will come back for sure.
Larry M.
Fairfax, VA
Best pho I've had in a while. Definitely better than Pho 75 in Herndon. The broth was more flavorful and the steak was tender and really fresh. The restaurant is pretty nice and they even have a big TV in the middle of the restaurant. My waitress was the owner's daughter and she was very attentive. I had my water filled 4 times without asking. I think I'll be coming back here phorever.

Bonus - They take credit cards!
Meg S.
Washington, DC
This new Vietnamese place is fantastic. The crispy rolls had enough black pepper to season, but not overpower.

I ordered chicken pho and yum! The chicken was tender and thick. The noodles were cooked so they didn't get soggy before I was finished.

But the broth!! Oh the broth was so good. It is probably the best pho broth I have ever had.

I also ordered an iced coffee. It was really sweet and the perfect way to end a spicy meal. (I am a sriracha fan.)

This is a new place that is family owned. The daughter was my server, her aunt makes the bánh mi, and her parents run the place. The staff is attentive without being annoying.

I will absolutely be coming back.
Ric L.
Silver Spring, MD
Excellent broth, fresh veg, strong noodles. Excellent value. Try the fresh lime soda.
Chi N.
Annapolis, MD
Looking for authentic vietnamese foods?? Phorever sure is the place for you. I tried pho, banh beo, goi ngoi sen, and the sample platter. They were ALL good! Their service are excellent as well. I would definely be back!
Robert C.
Sterling, VA
So, I went to this place today for dinner. The food is very good, one of the cleanest Pho places I've ever been to. The music is not very good. I felt like I was back in the 60's/70's era. The service wasn't bad, but then again most Asian restaurant isn't know for their service. Though, i really think that it can be both. It wasn't busy there at all today, but then again, not that I've been to a lot of Pho restaurants, I never seen them really busy. I had the summer roll with peanut sauce. The peanut sauce was a little runny, but good. The beef soup had lots of beef and good portion of noodles. The broth is great and I'm not much of a person that likes to drink the broth of any noodle soup. Final rating is about an 3.5 star, but Yelp doesn't allow rating of 1/2 stars, so I rounded it up.
Shuk Ki Carolyn L.
Herndon, VA
Reason I like here a lot:
- Meat very fresh. Ordered beef & chicken white meat noodles, surprise the white meat is tender than usual.
- Fresh made sugar can & avocado juices. Not powder ingredient! Like x 10!
- Clean place.
- Friendly service.
Alan M.
Herndon, VA
This is a really classy looking place!

The staff is super friendly, and very attentive.

I ordered the chicken pho. Very good tasting broth. I also got a mango smoothie. It could use more blending for a smoother texture, but the flavor was good.

It doesn't top my favorite Pho place, but I would come here again without hesitation.
Steve L.
Sterling, VA
First time impressions: really nice new decor, great Pho broth!

My family has been eating for nearly a decade at the various Vietnamese restaurants that have been at this location, first at Pho Vietnam, then May Saigon. Both were solid choices, though we personally liked the dishes a bit more from the family that owned Pho Vietnam.

The owners of Phorever have certainly stepped up the decor, totally renovating the inside with new seating, stonework near the register and more. A nice clean and modern look inside.

Popped in for lunch and my wife and I split an order of fried spring rolls and we each got chicken Pho. Spring rolls were awesome, super tasty. The only thing I would recommend is for the rolls (two per order) to be cut in half, and for appetizer plates to be provided.

I had the white/dark meat chicken Pho, and the broth was really fantastic, even before I doctor'd it up with basil, sriracha, and a squeeze of lime.

Looking forward to going back and trying the beef Pho and some of the other dishes.
Jennifer C.
Silver Spring, MD
Yet another update. Phorever has updated their summer rolls to be more herbacious, making for an even tastier summer roll experience. I also forgot to give updates on some of the beverages offered by the restaurant. I have now enjoyed a durian smoothie about three times at Phorever. It is a great way to experience the king of fruits as a novice durian eater. The smoothie tastes like creme brulee. It is very pleasant and captures everything good about trying durian (without the negatives you would experience if you were to prepare a durian at home- I now know from experience). The Vietnamese iced tea is really good and is not cloyingly sweet (some places overdo the condensed milk). I have enjoyed everything I have had to eat or drink here.
The ambiance is nice for the price point. It is not super fancy, but it is clean, comfortable and has a modern appeal to it. I'd say it is good for a casual date, a family meal and also for large groups. The service is friendly and fast. They have big screens, so you can catch your game if that is your thing.
Noushin S.
Reston, VA
I love this place! The pho does not compare to any other! I always get the chicken (white meat) and add in my own spicy concoction and it's just fabulous. You can taste the quality and I always finish mine with no problem! The staff are friendly and very attentive. I will continue to come here!
Eric G.
Reston, VA
This place is great, and I am picky. I want to go to phoever forever and ever. The calamari was so good. The veg. Egg rolls perfectly freshly cooked and the sauce.... Oh the sauce. I ordered the pho w everything, it was possibly the best I ever had. Great broth and incredibly fresh tasting meat. My wife had seafood soup which I tasted, I liked it a lot and she loved it. Ok, I made a comment to my wife, "purists". Ie... Old Asians or fobs, will see the menu written in umm.. Well just check it out. The service is great and they were so concerned with cleanliness. Basically this place is just awesome.
Alex A.
Reston, VA
We saw the advertisement for this new Vietnamese restaurant and decided to check it out right away being huge fans of PHO and Vietnamese food in general. It absolutely exceeded our expectations!!!! It is hands down the best PHO we had in the US. Vegetarian spring rolls were delicious and papaya salad was very good. All ingredients were fresh and high quality

We spoke with the owner and she told us that she prepares everything from the scratch and even simple sauce for the rolls takes 12 hours to prepare. We can attest that that care shows and that sauce tastes really good.

Now it's our favorite Vietnamese restaurant.
Julia E.
Sterling, VA
Love the new decor and the management. The owner always come out to greet and check if the food is to our liking. My husband and I were coming to May Saigon for years and now will continue going to Phorever.

I absolutely love their vegetarian dishes - soup is awesome and the egg rolls and spring rolls are amazing. I've been to many pho places and this one is far the best.

Definitely need to check it out.
Christina R.
Sterling, VA
Best pho I've ever had!!! Staff is friendly. Great place!! I will definitely be back.
David Y.
New York, NY
I had the standard beef pho here and it was definitely one of the best bowls of pho that I've had on the east coast. Noodles, broth and the beef were all excellent and I'll definitely be back again to try everything else.

The service was also great, which is always a pluS.
Tea E.
Chantilly, VA
This is the best Pho i've ever had in the United States. Their Pho Broth is SO FRESH that you can taste there isn't a lot of MSG in it like most other Vietnamese restaurants. The services were friendly and attentive. But i stayed for the food, their springrolls/eggrolls are quite crispy, flavorful and delicious. I think they just recently opened with a new owner because they food is definitely better than the owner before. This place has become my new favorite go-to Vietnamese/Pho place, glad i found this little treasure!
Rob M.
Sterling, VA
Enjoyed the Pho and the Egg Rolls I ordered. Atmosphere is pleasant. Staff is efficient and friendly. I will be back.
Monica L.
Sterling, VA
Finally, a good pho restaurant in Sterling!!! My sister and I went there for dinner tonight for the first time after reading such great reviews on yelp (we are both very picky on how we like our pho, making it nearly impossible to find a place we like). Glad to say we will definitely be returning.
H N.
Fairfax, VA
The appetizer Banh Beo Chen had great toppings. The best i have had. I hope they keep this up. Crispy noodles was excellent. Bun rieu was OK. Nice and clean interior. Clean bathroom. Great service. Very attentive owner. Very open to suggestions.
J G.
Sterling, VA
Sorry Pho Royal, it looks like you have some serious competition in the neighborhood!
The Pho here is fantastic. The broth is very rich, with a nice dark color. I might even say they have the edge on their popular neighbor.
The portions are good, the staff is great. And best of all, they have banh mi! It's not on their menu, but there were pictures in the front window and we had to ask. If I remember correctly, they have 3 kinds... grilled pork, grilled chicken and a "combo" which includes sausage (homemade). I tried the chicken b/c I'm on sort of a health kick but definitely want to come back to try the combo. The bread was great. The "mayo" sauce they use is homemade and complimented the chicken well. The cha gio was just ok in my book, although the wife seemed to like it more than I.
I'm also intrigued by their fried rice dishes. I don't seem to remember that being a typical dish at local Vietnamese restaurants.
We will definitely be coming back.
G A.
Reston, VA
Great new restaurant ( been open since april) - went for lunch and had excellent sandwich all ingredients fresh and home made - going back soon to try the dinner menu - pho,s look superb.
McLean, VA
You have to try this place!!! We had two Pho and one fried spiced tofu and one number 52 which was a shrimp and papaya salad. OMG: fantastic. If you have never had their fried tofu, you absolutely must try it -- creamy inside, crispy outside with subtle flavorings. The salad was enormous and could easily feed 4 people. My teenager finished his pho for the first time in his life! the broth really is so good. We all recommend this place without any hesitation!! In fact, try it many times, because it's not all about Pho and there's so much on the menu! We will return for the sandwiches and the avocado smoothie and again and again for the Pho!
Khoa D.
Westminster, CA
This restaurant is clean and new. I had pho today; it came out smoking hot and the broth is very tasty. Its one of the best pho in NoVA. The staff is friendly too. Will definitely come back.